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 Lifts : Models Available | Basic Information About VRCs

  • VRCs can help you make the best use of the space available in your building today.
  • VRCs can be installed along the edge of a mezzanine or through a hole in the mezzanine floor. The location is determined by your preference and material handling requirements.

  • VRCs can be floor or pit mounted. Pit mounting allows the lift platform to be level with the floor when in the lowered position.

  • VRCs are not limited to single floor access and can be equipped with additional items, that enable it to function within an automated system.

  • VRCs can move all types of products from boxes, palettes, carts, bins and trash receptacles, the list is endless.

  • VRCs can be stationary or portable, depending on your particular requirements.

  • VRCs can eliminate the use of elevators, for transporting materials and cargo. Freeing up the elevator for its' intended purpose, transporting people.

  • VRCs are only a fraction of the cost of an elevator.

  • VRCs come in several styles each with specific design features to meet an existing need.


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