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 Lifts : Models Available | EH-76

Stationary Electric-Hydraulic PowRlift Double Masted Unit / Greater Payloads
Designed for heavier capacity and larger size freight.

• Double Masted Unit
• Dual Cylinders

• NOT For Passenger Use
• Free Standing
4,000 - 20,000 Lbs.

Platform Sizes:

72" x 72" to 40' x 40'
Raised Height:
Up to 26'

Lift Speeds:

10 FPM to 60 FPM



  applications [ EH-76 PowRlift ]

Level to level transfer of multiple pallets, bins, totes, drums, boxes or crates in Factories, Warehouses and Retail Stores. Useful within integrated management designs such as conveyor systems or wire guided vehicles. Larger, longer products like rolls, furniture, car assemblies, structural materials and castings are not a problem for the Model EH-76.

[ EH-76 PowRlift ]

  • Standard Structural Steel
  • Self Supporting Double Frames and Uprights
  • Two Heavy Duty Single Acting Plunger Type Cylinders
  • Eight Steel Guide Wheels for positive, steady lifting
  • Eight Side Thrust Rollers provide load compensation
  • Six Lifting Chains with a minimum 6 to 1 Safety Factor
  • Critical hydraulic components have a minimum Safety Factor of 3 to 1
  • Bolt on Base Legs and Spliced Mast Frame Sections provide lower shipping costs and easy installation
  • Langley Tan Machinery Enamel
  • Safety Yellow Machinery Enamel (Guards Only)


 safety features [ EH-76 PowRlift ]

  • Side Thrust Rollers to accommodate uneven loads
  • Two slack or broken chain, Self Activating Safety Assemblies
  • Fail Safe Hydraulic Valve activates in case of power line failure
  • UL listed Controls
  • NEMA Rated Electrical Components
  • Every machine factory assembled and load tested
  • Platform back guards on both frame ends keep loads clear of all moving parts
  • Installation and Maintenance Manual provided
  • Safety Gates and Enclosures - Click here


PowRlift controls [ EH-76 PowRlift ]

  • Call and Send Pushbutton Stations, for 2 to 6 levels of service
  • Limit Switches to stop the platform at any level
  • Middle landing switches when required
  • Limit switches are all preset to your height specification and pre wired in conduit at the factory
  • Industrial transformer for fused 110 volt AC control circuit
  • UL Listed Components
  • NEMA Rated Electrical Components

shipping [ EH-76 PowRlift ]

  • Most models are taken apart and steel banded to a heavy wooden skid and shipped via common carrier.
  • Freight Class 85 - F.O.B. Victor N.Y. 14564


 installation [ EH-76 PowRlift ]

  • The base frame may be bolted to the floor or in a shallow pit to accommodate the lowered height.
  • Access Ramps are available for the floor mounted units.
  • Pushbutton stations are shipped loose for customer wiring and mounting.
  • Power and control wiring to be connected.
  • Safety Enclosures per ANSI Code B20.1 are required to complete the installation. Click here for enclosure information.
  • Complete installation manuals included with each machine.


 code compliance

The Latest Version of ANSI/ASME Code B20.1

Sponsored & Published by:
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
United Engineering Center
345 East 47th Street
New York, NY 10017

Units can be manufactured to meet additional
compliance codes or requirements for:
State Codes
Food Service
Wash Down
Hazardous Locations
Seismic Locations
Outdoor Applications


options [ EH-76 PowRlift ]

  • Larger Motors for Increased Lift Speed
  • Up-Down deadman pushbutton station
  • Additional Pushbutton stations for Multiple Levels
  • On-Off Keyswitch for Authorized Personnel Use Only
  • Additional Frame Splice(s)
  • 4 Way Safety Plate for platform surface
  • Remote Power Unit with 10 feet of hydraulic hose
  • Chrome plated cylinder rods
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Hot or cold galvanized finish
  • Explosion Proof Circuits
  • Epoxy Paint Finishes
  • Self leveling for upper levels
  • Platform Options - Click here
  • Safety Gates and Enclosures - Click here


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