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 Lifts : Models Available | EH-102T

Stationary Electric-Hydraulic PowRLift Telescopic
Designed for use where there is an overhead height restriction.

• Two stage mast frame for reduced overall mast height
• Door opening hoops or arms optional

• NOT For Passenger Use
• Single Masted Unit
• Single Push Cylinder
• Free Standing
500-4,000 Lbs.

Platform Sizes:

48" x 48" to 72"x 72"
Raised Height:
Up to 25'

Lift Speeds:

15 FPM to 75 FPM



  applications [ EH-102T PowRlift ]

Level to level transfer of pallets, boxes or crates in Factories, Warehouses and Stores. Designed for use where space is limited.

[ EH-102T PowRlift ]

  • Standard Structural Steel
  • Two Stage Mast for reduced overall mast height
  • Steel Guide Wheels
  • Hardened Roller Chain Minimum 6 to 1 Safety Factor
  • Heavy Duty, Single Acting, Plunger Type Cylinder


 safety features [ EH-102T PowRlift ]

  • Side Thrust Rollers to accommodate uneven loads
  • Slack or broken chain self activating safety assemblies
  • Fail safe valve activates in case of power line failure
  • Every machine pre-assembled and load tested
  • Platform backguard keeps loads clear from moving parts


PowRlift controls [ EH-102T PowRlift ]

  • All electrical components are UL listed
  • Call and send Pushbutton Stations for 2 service levels
  • Limit Switches to stop & maintain platform at upper level

shipping [ EH-102T PowRlift ]

  • Most models are shipped via common carrier on their back in 2 pieces banded to a wooden skid.
  • Freight Class 85 - F.O.B. Victor N.Y. 14564


 installation [ EH-102T PowRlift ]

  • The Base Frame may be bolted to the floor or in a shallow pit to accommodate the lowered height
  • Access Ramps are available for the floor mounted units.


 code compliance

The Latest Version of ANSI/ASME Code B20.1

Sponsored & Published by:
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
United Engineering Center
345 East 47th Street
New York, NY 10017

Units can be manufactured to meet additional
compliance codes or requirements for:
State Codes
Food Service
Wash Down
Hazardous Locations
Seismic Locations
Outdoor Applications


options [ EH-102T PowRlift ]

  • Larger Motors for Increased Lift Speed
  • Up-Down deadman pushbutton station
  • On-Off Keyswitch for Authorized Personnel Use Only
  • 4 Way Safety Plate for platform surface
  • Pan Type Platform for front entry exit only
  • Trap Door Opening Arms (2 Piece Door)
  • Trap Door Opening Hoops (1 Piece Door)
  • Remote Power Unit with 10 feet of hydraulic hose
  • Chrome plated cylinder rod
  • Stainless Steel Lift
  • Hot or Cold Galvanized Lift
  • Explosion Proof Circuits
  • Air operated Circuits
  • Epoxy Paint Finish
  • Platform Options - Click Here


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